Roughing it, c. 1905…

As early as 1910, when he saw clear signs of erosion (damage caused by high water) he made up his mind to try and repair the shoreline of Dollar Island, his favorite camping spot, using techniques he had learned while working as foreman of a branch railroad in Virginia.  He recruited hundreds of friends to the cause, and eventually found support from the NY legislature…for $10,000!

Knickerbocker Press $10,000 for rip-rapping


Camping in the Adirondacks, c. 1905

Although it is true that John Apperson did eventually purchase cabins,”camps,” in Huddle and Turtle Bay,at Lake George, he and his friends were passionate about camping…using tents and the great out-of-doors.  Their enthusiasm is captured in this wonderful early account of a camping trip they organized in 1913…

Cruise of the Dirty Rovers 1913

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